Sustainable Development Journey in the Kingdome of Jordan

During the last three decades, sustainability became a hot topic in reform agendas and strategic management plans. The picture is not always optimistic where poverty, climate change and wars to name but a few of the continuous burdens, yet, some results have been successfully reaped. In a small country like the Kingdome of Jordan, surrounded … Continue reading Sustainable Development Journey in the Kingdome of Jordan

Six Sigma Journey

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said: "Change is the only constant". Enormous scholars addressed how companies can embrace the change to maintain a competitive advantage. In today's business environment, the need becomes crucial. Companies are continuously looking for the next magic wand to transform their operations and improve their businesses.  Moving from the agricultural … Continue reading Six Sigma Journey

Financial Ratios and Analysis

What does profitability mean? And how can we use it to understand the financial situation of a company? How can we judge the financial structure of a company? What kind of financial ratios can be used to answer such questions? The purpose of this article is to present a case study that critically evaluate the … Continue reading Financial Ratios and Analysis

Operations Strategy for Industry

The overall purpose of a corporate strategy is to provide the direction for everyone in the company on how to achieve its objectives. Different models and frameworks can be used for this purpose. In this article, the below model will be discussed and used. (Source: Modified from Terry Hill (1993) in: “Manufacturing Strategy: The strategic … Continue reading Operations Strategy for Industry

How is Yield Management Implemented in Airline Industry?

Capacity management is a key contributor to the success of any company. The tools and techniques that are used for capacity management within a service provider are completely different than a manufacturing-based environment as discussed here. In airline companies in specific, the relationship between supply and demand in addition to all the characteristics that shape … Continue reading How is Yield Management Implemented in Airline Industry?

Strategic Outsourcing: Benefits and Risks

Following to the previous articles about the definition of strategic outsourcing here, the outsourcing decision process itself and its influencing factors here and finally, the difficulties and barriers for the outsourcing process here, this article will critically evaluate the related benefits and risks in the strategic outsourcing process through reviewing three case studies for real … Continue reading Strategic Outsourcing: Benefits and Risks

Reliability Planning and the Product Life Cycle

None of us would like to experience failures in non- reliable products. Engineers argue for different reasons for these failures, however, O'Connor and Kleyner concluded that failures are always due to people, whether they are designers, suppliers, assemblers, users or maintainers. As a result, reliability is a managerial task where management is responsible for putting … Continue reading Reliability Planning and the Product Life Cycle